Concealed Carry Classes


The Oklahoma Self Defense Act requires an 8 hour course in order to meet the training requirements to get your license needed to open or conceal carry.  This course is an abbreviated basic pistol course with an emphasis on handgun safety and Oklahoma law.  The course includes approximately 6 hours of classroom time and 2 hours of range time.  No prior handgun knowledge or experience is needed and there are no prerequisites.  The topics to be covered are as follows:

  • Firearm Safety
  • Fundamentals of handgun shooting
  • Methods and positions for firing a handgun
  • Loading and unloading techniques
  • Procedures for clearing malfunctions
  • Dynamics of ammunition and firing a handgun
  • Provisions of the Oklahoma Self Defense Act

General Rules

  • Please arrive by 8:45 AM.  Class will last until approximately 5 PM.  Tardiness can result in canceling your class time and forfeiture of fees as does a no show.
  • The range is located outside and is lightly covered, however you may be exposed.  Please be aware of weather conditions for the day and dress appropriately.  The range and class will operate rain, snow or shine.
  • Firearms will be provided, but you may choose to bring your own.  All outside firearms will be inspected by the instructor and must be in good working condition.  Caliber may be .22 to .45.
  • Ammunition must be original factory and must match the the firearm - no reloads or plus rounds.
  • The instructor may remove anyone at anytime from the class for improper attitude or unsafely handling a firearm.
  • Do not bring any loaded firearms or ammunition of any type into the classroom.
  • Anyone pointing a firearm at anyone at anytime during training will result in immediate dismissal!


  • Firearms and ammunition will be provided.
  • Hearing and eye protection will be provided.
  • Soda, water and lunch will be provided.
  • Bring your valid Oklahoma identification card or driver license.


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